Senehe Wimana

Lovely celebration in the greenish destination.

We know that you intend to cherish the special moments of your life and keep them as memories forever. We are happy to announce that, now you an ideal place to celebrate those moments at.

Share the beauty of nature with your friends amidst geenish surroundings at a river bank. Hereby we introduce, Senehe Wimana a concept developed by Wetwater Resort. The place is ideal for all your get togethers and ceremonies.

You welcome to celebrate your Wedding, engagement, birthdays, anniversaries, etc. at Senehe Wimana. This place is for you all who prefer a quiet ceremony close to the nature.
The latest architectural concepts used and the lighting setups, doubles the aesthetic value of this place. At the same time, you are given the opportunity to create the space as per your requirements. We provide you , “ Magul Poru” , Settee Back and all other decorations you will need.
Senehe Wimana is waiting to welcome you with open arms and we guarantee an experience of a lifetime.